Monday, December 15, 2008

Evading Christmas Cookie

I am looking for the specific Christmas cookie... when I was young, my teacher who is Jewish, she made cookies that looked like sugar cookies. But they didn't taste as sugar cookies. It was like taste/chew it as gingerbread cookies but it is without gingerbread favor. No icing top. It is not heavy. Sort of shortbread. Light. I was given it at the office by a lady years ago when I worked as "mail person" I never got a chance to ask for name of the cookie. After that I never found it anywhere... never knew the name of it.

I am dying to find it and make it. I want to eat it again. If anyone know what I was talking about, please leave me a note. Thanks.

All I remember when she was making, possibly molasses is one of ingredients in it (not sure). I know butter or shortbutter? and flour... that pretty much I could remember. It didn't have many ingredients in it... just few to make it. It tends to be cut/make in circles but can be cut in any shapes before bake.

It was close to Toolhouse sugar cookies... pale in compare

I love the most is palm leaf/palmier/butterfly/elephant ear cookies. These crunchy cookies are made with puff pastry and sugar.

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