Tuesday, June 30, 2009

K-9, My Robotic Dog

Good news. I have found most parts I need for its' head. Recently, I went to Big Lots store and saw Martha Steward wedding stuffs. I came across a battery operated garland for 2 dollars.

I was just checking it out and somehow popped in my mind. Hey! Just what I need! To light up K-9's eyes. Finally!

Then for a funny reason, when I visited my mom's home... I found some red things in kitchen drawer.. right size for eye.... I was like, "Mom? Do you need them?"

"What's for?"

"For make eye.."

"Fine. Take it, take them."

I took just 5 of them cuz K-9 actually has 5 red bars over eyes.

Now I can finish it. I'm going to finish it in July after holiday.

Here's my photo that I already had its body all done. All I am waiting for is the head to be done.